If you had followed the call to spread the Gospel in a foreign land but your health forced you to return home, what would you do? That was the troubling situation a missionary couple to Mexico, Jack and Kay Arthur, found themselves in the late 1960s, which led to their return home to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

After years serving with the Pocket Testament League, Jack Arthur met a young widow who had two small boys, Mark and Tom, at Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga. After marrying, they went on the mission field together to Mexico, where they had another son, David. Illness forced them to pack up and head home, but their disappointment was really God’s appointment for them in ministry. Back in Chattanooga, Jack became the Station Manager for a Christian radio station that brought Bible teaching to the airwaves in the Southeast. Kay started a Bible study for teenagers in their living room. As young people started to hear the Word of God and study it, the Bible study grew. By 1970, the Arthurs had stepped out in faith to purchase what was a chicken farm to create a home for their fledgling ministry founded as Reach Out Ranch. Soon the teens were meeting in a barn they had cleaned out and patched up themselves.

Then the first Tuesday morning women’s Bible study class began, word spread, and then night classes began when husbands wanted to attend as they saw their wives’ enthusiasm. Soon Kay was traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, to teach a study of eventually 1800 adults every week. Knowing she and Jack would not be able to travel to Atlanta every week at some point, Kay wanted to teach others to learn to study inductively as she studied and share in the joy of learning to study the Word of God for themselves, and so began writing Precept Upon Precept courses. The Arthurs and Reach Out began to publish their style of Bible studies so believers could go deeper with God anywhere they were, irrespective of a single teacher’s personality or proximity.

Jack left his broadcasting career to devote his energy full-time to the growing Ministry as its president, overseeing it along with the building of the facility to accommodate booming distribution and training demands. Now the small team of staff and Bible study trainees packed and shipped studies to churches and small groups across America. The Ministry’s leadership developed training so that in-depth Bible study could multiply beyond their reach and Reach Out became Precept Ministries. Then the studies spread internationally, to Korea, Mexico, and Romania. By the time the studies had reached over 100 countries and 60 languages, the word “International” was added to the name. Today, Precept Ministries International trains millions of people to discover Truth for themselves. Through inductive study method training workshops and thousands of Bible studies in local churches and small group studies; through Precepts for Life television, radio and online media; through Bible study tours to biblical sites and Bible-centered conferences; and an international effort with studies in nearly 150 countries and nearly 70 languages, PMI is focused on establishing people in God’s Word.

You are invited to join fellow sojourners on the adventure of an eternal lifetime as we meet God through the daily, personal, in-depth study of His Word.

You can discover Truth for yourself!

Precept Ministries South Africa

Precept Ministries started in South Africa in 1990 with its headquarters in Pinelands (Western Cape) and now takes responsibility for the co-ordination of the work in Southern Africa.



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