Intro to the Precept Bible Study Method
FREE Online Workshop
13 June
6pm – 8pm (CAT)
Are you intimidated by Romans and confused by Leviticus? Do you feel like you need a master’s in theology before you can start studying the Bible?
We have good news for you! This online webinar will empower you to get into the Word on your own.
The Precept Method has been used world wide for over 50 years and is the foundation of every Precept Bible Study. In this short workshop we will introduce you to the basics of the Precept Method which will not only deepen your understanding of Precept, but give you the tools for understanding and applying God’s Word to your life. Whether you’ve never heard of Precept before or have done Precept Studies, this workshop will give you a valuable tool for knowing God better through His Word
Date & Time:
Monday 13 June
6pm – 8pm  (CAT – GMT+2)
Price: FREE
Venue: Online
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