January 26, 2022


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The Precept Method

We've spent 50 years developing and testing something called the Precept Bible Study Method. Discover truth in God's Word in an exiting, life transforming way with three simple steps!

Bible study resources for everyone

Discover, live and share God's truth

We're here to help you dig deeper. Our Bible study workbooks are designed to guide you through studying Scripture in a life-transforming way.

Whether you want to spend 10 minutes or 1 hour studying God's Word, alone or in a group, there's a resource to meet you where you're at.

Next steps

"The Precept Bible Study has really opened my eyes to the treasures held in the Scriptures. For years I have daily read the Bible, but not until now have I found such reassurance and insights in the readings. Thank you for widening my horizons in such an important field."

Discover truth for yourself

but not by yourself

We believe that small group study is a very effective way to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God's Word as you engage in studying the Word together.

Know God deeply.

Live differently.

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