Watch the resulting impact of supporting just one pastor:

The life of the African pastor is not an easy one,

so as Pastor Appreciation Month approaches we at Precept Africa want to make a special effort to express our gratitude and appreciation for them. We are passionate about equipping, empowering and supporting local pastors to do all the Lord has called them to do. Here are some ways you can join us in doing this, especially during the month of October:


Lift pastors up in prayer, asking for God's continued wisdom, strength, and blessings in their ministry.

Word of Encouragement

Send a text or email filled with words of gratitude and encouragement, sharing how their leadership has impacted your life.

Supply a Pastor with Resources

Provide pastors with Precept resources to help them get their congregation to study the Word of God.

Making a difference in the lives of our dedicated shepherds will have a ripple and eternal impact on the lives of many!