Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Go to our Online Store – shop.precept.org.za

Select the study / resource you’d like to purchase and select “add to cart”

Enter your details in the cart section and make an online payment via our secure payment system

Wait for your order to be delivered to your door, or collect it from our office in Pinelands.

How do I become a Bible study leader?

Contact leaders@precept.org.za to find out about becoming a leader.

How do I join a Precept Bible Study

To find out about active Precept Bible Studies in your area, email leaders@precept.org.za

Can I make an EFT payment for online orders?

Online payments are preferred, but if that’s not possible for you:

Email genevievel@precept.org.za with what you’d like to order and we will send you a quote.

Is Precept Africa a non-profit?

Yes! Although we print and sell Bible study material, we also make resources available to people across Africa, many of whom cannot afford it otherwise. We rely completely on your support to be able to equip pastors and church leaders in many African countries as they disciple their churches. To find out more about supporting us, click here.

Should I attend a workshop?

The great thing about our workshops is that they are beneficial whether you’ve never done a Precept Study before, whether you’ve led your fair share, or whether you’ve never even heard of Precept.

We have workshops tailored to equip leaders, pastors and students. It’s never a bad idea to receive helpful Bible study tools.

Take a look at our workshops here.

Which study should I begin with?

If you’ve never done a Precept Study before, we suggest getting to know the Inductive method through books like How to Study Your Bible,  Discover the Bible for Yourself  or  Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days.

Great studies to start with are our 40-Minute studies (no homework), NISS studies (devotion-based), or even In&Out studies (full book studies)

Can I study on my own?

All our studies can be done on your own, but are also great for group studies and discussions.

Take a look at our types of resources here.

Are there any online studies?

We have a variety of FREE PDF studies that are easy to use – we call them Lightning Studies.

See our Lightning Studies here.