30 Years of

God's Word in Africa

Know God deeply

Life-changing intimacy with God is the heart of Precept. Since 1990, we’ve been equipping small group Bible Study Leaders in Africa who can help you discover the truth of Scripture for yourself, but not by yourself.

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Scripture guides you toward God.

Precept guides you through Scripture.

We help lead and direct, but we know that the true changing power—personal relationship with God—comes not from following Precept, but from Scripture itself.

Precept is about more than knowing Scripture. We want all believers to know God and be transformed by relationship with Him. The Precept Model explains our strategic approach to ministry as we seek to engage believers in God’s Word.

Equipping Bible Study Leaders

To transform the world with God's Word, we recruit, equip, and resource Bible Study Leaders who take God’s life-changing Word to their communities.

Developing Resources

We author and publish Bible study resources that help individuals know God through His Word and be changed by the truth they discover.

Investing Globally

Through partnerships, translation efforts, and cross-cultural ministry, Precept provides international believers with the tools they need to study the Bible.

Our Global Mission

Fulfilling the kingdom mission around the world

Thousands of people around the world are being discipled through Precept. They are being empowered to discover truth for themselves through studying the Word using the Precept Method.

The hope for any country is not more money, food, or resources. In many countries the need is too great and the poverty is too overwhelming. Their only hope is the Word of God filtered into their nation, changing lives and molding futures. Our National Directors are doing just that. They are investing in the lives of others. They are discipling men, women, and children through Precept Bible studies and training them to become leaders and disciple-makers themselves.

For 30 years, Precept Africa has been making God's Word accessible to people across Africa. In 2019 alone there were:

New Leaders
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New Students
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New Classes
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Reaching Africa

God is working through Precept Africa to give people a deeper understanding of His Word. Our training and materials are being used to equip Teens, Elderly, Widows, Pastors, Mothers, Orphans, Couples, Prisoners, Bible Study leaders, South Sudan Refugees, Fathers, University students and many more... Find out more about our exciting initiatives across Africa: