God's Word changes lives

Studying the Bible is about more than head knowledge, it's about life-changing relationship with God. With Precept, you can experience the power of God's Word for yourself and get the training and guidance you need to lead others through Scripture

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The call to Lead

A great way to live out the great commission is to use your spiritual gifts and skills so that others can be transformed by truth too. If you share our passion for engaging people in relationship with God through knowing His Word, why not become a Precept Bible Study leader?

Why lead?

Sharing God's Word can be intimidating, and 'making disciples' can feel completely out of reach to many Christians. Others want to spread the gospel and impact their community but just don't know where to start.

If that's you, we can help.

After 50 years of sharing God's truth through Bible study, we believe that small, relational, discussion-based groups are key to knowing God through His Word and impacting communities.

When you lead a Bible study, you become Christ's hands and feet

bringing the gospel to your friends and neighbours

"You have enabled me to share what I have learnt with other souls who need hope and encouragement, and also continue to learn more about our heavenly Father and His beloved Son. I am eternally grateful!"

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