Meet Walube Lowrence, a devoted pastor of a church nestled in the heart of Uganda. At just 35 years old, his life is a testament to the power of God’s Word and the transformative impact of the Precept Africa Institute.

The Precept Institute met this desire and became a place where, regardless of previous biblical training, huge life-changing truths were learnt. The big difference of the Institute, he says, is that

"there are no theological arguments and schools of thought, the Bible speaks for itself."

"It has encouraged me to keep on the direction of teaching and practicing God’s word in the church despite the prevailing unbiblical teachings in our nation."

With unwavering passion and a deep longing to see others in his community experience the same life transformation, he is now using Precept studies to teach God's Word to multiple groups of people.

To name just a few:

And the impact doesn't stop there. Of his personal life, he says:

"During the session on the beatitudes, I was greatly impacted by the character of gentleness. I realised how gentle God wants me to be. I am continually challenged to become gentler although sometimes I fail. It has challenged me to live a changed life as a disciple, a husband, and as a leader."

Walube was able to attend the Institute because of your generous partnership and is being used to further God's Kingdom in Uganda. Can you image the impact across Africa if more people like Walube were able to attend the 3-year Institute!

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