About the Institute

This training is a unique opportunity to take time to invest in your spiritual walk, develop your leadership and discipleship skills and grow your knowledge of the Word.

What it is

Precept Institutes have been running worldwide for a number of years, and we’ve seen the incredible value and growth it provides for everyone who participates. Now we’re bringing this incredible training opportunity to everyone in Africa online!

The Precept Institute is a unique opportunity to break away for two weeks at a time and focus on both studying the Word of God and learning how to lead others to do the same using a wide range of Precept resources.

How it works

The Precept Institute is a 3-Year program with 3 interactive sessions per year. Each session is 2 weeks long.

There will be practical work that will need completion in between the sessions.

At the end of the 3 years, you would have completed 9 sessions, which will qualify you for a Precept Institute Certificate.

Who it's for

This Institute is a must for anyone part of a church, both leader and member alike, who wants to learn how to lead others in a deeper relationship with God through Bible study.

Years of expertise and care have gone into developing this training. It’s a program that will set you up for a lifetime of deeper Biblical understanding, powerful Bible study skills, and passion for God’s Word.

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Share God's Word with your world

Choose to invest time in what's truly important: studying, knowing and understanding God's Word and being a true disciple.

This Institute will help you know God more deeply, live differently and empower you to be able to share God's Word with anyone around you.

"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." - 2 Timothy 2:15

The Details


We start with the Gospel of John studying the book God Are You There? In each lesson we will learn principles of how to do evangelism. We will also study the Overview of the book 2 Timothy and the principles of discipleship in the lives of apostle Paul and Timothy.

Using Lord, I Want To Know You (a study on the names of God) and an Overview of the book of Acts, we see how the first churches were planted and how they were multiplied in the whole Roman empire and many countries.

Using Marriage Without Regrets we will see that the family is God’s concept and plan. We will learn about:

  • the differences between men and women,
  • lessons in communication between man and woman
  • the role of the man
  • role of the woman 
  • divorce
  • remarriage
  • money and family
  • how to raise children, etc.

Studying the book of James.

It is important to speak logically, relating to the text and to a specific topic. The inductive method is ideal to help you prepare to make a presentation.

Studying the book of Daniel.

God wants to have a relationship with people and chose one nation – Israel. His dealings with this people shows that God values nations, has a plan for all nations and is the Sovereign of history (HIS-story).

This is the 6th session of 9 that make up the Institute.

Studying the Book of Philippians.

The people in the church in the city of Philippi (Modern Greece) is a model for growth. The Apostle Paul is a model person in his relationship with this Church for Jesus Christ. The word JOY is the second most mentioned word in this book, which is a healthy sign of church growth.

This course includes 2 surveys where each student asks churched and unchurched people: How they relate to a local church, if they are involved in the life of the church and what are possible obstacles for involvement and church growth.

Personal participation in a church is essential for church growth and it is tested in family life and relationship with others.

Studying the book of 2 Thessalonians.

Do you live in the light of the greatest historical event: the return of Jesus Christ and His reign? Do you let time control you or you are in control of it? Do you let people set your agenda or Jesus Christ who wants to give you a position of responsibility now and in the future? We all have 24 hours and will be rewarded or lose our rewards if we neglect the proper use of time.

Using the study Covenant.

Biblical doctrines helps to establish foundation of personal salvation and assurance of God continuous commitment in the lives of those who desire to live with Him and for Him. Biblical doctrines give stability to our lives and the inductive method helps us to be sure of what the bible says.

Studying the Gospel of John part 2 (chapters 11-21). Understand how to do a correct interpretation of a text and makes you confident to understand a difficult subject in the Bible.


Each course consists of 2 full weeks of study time. There is one morning and one afternoon live Zoom session per day, around 3 hours each.

After 2 weeks of study, there will be a small test to recap on the course material.

Sessions will run every 3-4 months.


All online training costs are covered by us, so that means your course fee is FREE!

The only cost to you is the cost of your 1 workbook per session, which you will work through and keep to be able to refer back to!

*Please note the cost of these studies vary, so please check the prices on our online store by clicking here. (Price does not include shipping fees.)

New students will be able to join up until & including session 3 of each Institute.

The cost of each session is the price of the study book (training is free)

To join the next Institute, email the Precept office in your country

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