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We have a wide variety of Bible study resources that are designed to help you go deeper and discover more truths from Scripture through using easy-to-follow formats.

From devotions, studies for kids and teens, short in-and-out studies, topical and book studies, to in depth courses, we’re here to help you cultivate your relationship with God through knowing and understanding His Word.

Who is Precept

Discover truth for yourself, not by yourself

We believe that small group study is a very effective way to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God's Word as you engage in studying the Word together.


Become a Bible study leader

The calling to “go and make disciples” is to every believer, but how do you do that? One way to reach your friends and neighbours is to start your own Bible study. If you’ve been impacted by the Precept Method and see the benefits of this type of study, then why not share this method with others?

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Download our easy-to-follow introduction to the Precept Bible Study Method and start discovering God's truth for yourself today.

"The studies we have been doing are amazing. Each topic we’ve done has been close to my heart. They have been a blessing to both me and my friends. They taught me how to grow deeper in my walk with Jesus. It has also given me a hunger for God’s Word.”

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