Testimony – Diana Nyokabi

“Hi, I am Diana Nyokabi, a born again Christian. I am thankful to God that I got the take part in the 40-Minute Precept Bible Study. Before I joined the Bible Study group, I was less with God and more impressed with the things of the world. I knew there was a God but I was interested in knowing Him more. I was introduced to the Bible Study group by a friend of mine and I decided to join in just for the fun of it. I wanted to see what it was all about and then after a while, I planned to get out.

Well, God had other plans for me.

We began with the book “How to Make Choices you Won’t Regret” and this hit me right in my nerve. I looked at what I was doing with my life and I pitied myself. I was heading in the wrong direction and if I did not change, I would have to face the consequences. Before we completed the book, I had an inner fight with myself; it was up to me to make the right choice. I decided to change my ways and accept Jesus as my personal savior and since then, my life has never been the same again. I have grown deeply routed into the Word of God and I do not regret making that choice.

The Bible Study books have inspired and encouraged me especially in times of difficulties. I feel great when I am sharing with others about the Word of God. I am amazed at how powerful God is, especially now that we are doing “The Power of Knowing God”. His power is amazing and when you get to know who God is, you get to understand that nothing is difficult for Him.

Through these, I have been able to have a close relationship with God and learnt to let His will take prominence over my life. Academically I couldn’t even understand my studies I was so low in concentrating and doing my homework. Precept study has helped me to even study my notes intentionally and this has changed me to a better person in life. Thanks you, teacher Rachel, for bringing this to us and thank you Precept Ministry for allowing God to use you to change my life. God Bless you all.”