Testimony – Orono

“I just want to thank God so much for Precept Ministries. As a Pastor, my life spiritually has not remained the same in that I have heard a number of teachings and teachers, but truly speaking I had never heard it in a Precept manner – good and wonderful teachings. Particularly during these 2 weeks using the Inductive Bible study method, with our main source being the Bible, I have learned how to approach it with Observation done carefully which brings you to accurate interpretation of the text/book and later to correct application.

Many church leaders, including me, have been approaching the text/Bible subjectively, but from now on I will do it objectively and I am very willing to help others to learn how to do it correctly and carefully with observation being the foundation. Thanks goes to every individual who has contributed towards the success of this training, be it in prayer, in kind, etc. May the Almighty God bless each one of you mightily. Thanks to our facilitator whom God used and to you as the team of PMI who chose him to be in the field, he is wonderful in all he does.”