Testimonies – Precept Pastors Instutute, Uganda 06/2019

At our most recent Precept Pastors Institute session in Arua, northern Uganda, pastors went through 2 weeks of training with Stuart. They worked through our 40-Minute Study called Building a Marriage that Really Works, as well as our Precept Upon Precept Study Marriage Without Regrets.

In a culture muddled by traditional beliefs, it’s amazing to see the impact that is a result of studying what the Bible says about relationships.

This is what the pastors had to say:

Seme Duku Emmanuel –

This session helped me a lot, it has impacted my life.  I was taught new skills on how to be a model husband to my wife by living with understanding with her, knowing that she is part of my body and love her as I love myself. I give many thanks to Precept Ministry for giving me good knowledge.

Dominic Taban Michael –

I thank God for this session which has helped me a lot and changed my life completely because I learnt a lot on Marriage Without Regrets.  I acquired a good knowledge which I didn’t know in the Bible that we as Christians should take Christ as example and I now know my roles as a man.

It really meant a lot to me because I would also go and train other people the same knowledge, especially pastors, so that they train the people of God in the church and the knowledge spread to all people. 

Kenyi Charles Logo –

This session has really helped me a lot because in most cases women/wives are being treated harshly by traditions.  Precept has helped me a lot by expounding the truth of the word of God in regards to the roles of men and women or husband and wives.

One of the important things is that as I was being raised up in my Christian life from childhood.  I was raised by leaders who don’t study their Bibles inductively.  Precept has helped me a lot.  I am now going to teach and apply the word of God correctly.

God bless Precept.

Moses Moro Michael –

I am so grateful to Precept Ministry for handling this important session that is Marriage Without Regrets.  How to become one it helped in detail of the Word of God that is inductive Bible study.

I learned the difference between man and woman, the role of a woman.  We have defending in cultural traditions but today the Word of God tells the truth about the roles of woman and how to handle a woman.

I really enjoyed the teaching of Stuart, may God bless you wherever you move and teaching the Word to other people and other countries.

For those who support the Institute, May God bless you and continue to support where you think the Word of God may reach.

Felix Sebit Francis –

This session has helped me to help some 5 families to come and repent and know Jesus as their own Saviour.

Due to this 40Minute book “Walk the Walk You Talk” one of the church teachers confessed and asked for forgiveness for his deeds to the congregation for him oppressing them because of his lack of the knowledge of the Word of God.  He repented with tears to the congregation indeed Precept has done a miracle.

The processes that Precept taught me led me to visit a blind woman.  She misses church due to her blindness, when I arrived at her home she gave glory to God and said God has heard her prayers and brought me to her.  She called for forgiveness for her sins before God and cried for help.

God has meant this for me to train other churches to study the Word of God the Precept way and use me as His co-worker and pastor.

To keep the word of God inductively to the groups and God’s people to understand the love of God for them.

That I will be an example as a pastor, and to my family and that my wife and children will know the Love of God for us.

Know the light of God through Precept and give it to others with love, understanding and in respect to bring glory to God’s ministry.

Manase Mike Benyaya –

I am really very, very impressed to attend this training.  It has positively impacted me a lot.  What I did not know before, I now know a bit of it like how to go about studying the Bible, the methods and how to make Bible interpretation, how to go about looking for a word in the concordance and it’s definition.

The use of Marriage Without Regrets, I am sure my congregation is going to benefit a lot and enable the families who are almost breaking to come together through the counselling and guidance that I am going to do, then the glory goes back to God.