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The previous study on ‘A Marriage Without Regrets’ helped me personally in my attitude towards my wife and children.  It also brought re-union to couples in my group who were not understanding each other.  Because of this study, many couples can renew their marriage and one of the wives in the group’s husband got saved.  There are other people who are also now showing an interest in the study and enquiring about obtaining the material.

The lesson ‘A Faith that is Real’ (James) is also another important and challenging session.  It’s challenging in a sense that we are taught that when trials come, we must endure or persevere.  I also learnt how to prepare a lesson for my sermons.  It’s important because it takes my faith to another level of perseverance and endurance and careful study and right interpretation of the scriptures.  Thanks to God for Precept, especially the facilitator and those who fund this training.  It’s hard sometimes to understand, challenges of sickness and funerals that sometimes takes our minds away.  However, by the grace of God we are moving forward, and we will be victorious in Jesus name.