Where is God

Dear Precept Family


Google trends indicates that the search on “Where is God?” surged dramatically between March and April. Seven of the the top 10 countries that searched this are in Africa! Africa is desperate to know God!   

Stats are showing that people all over the world are searching the Bible for hope and peace like never before. Social media has had the largest increase ever of Bible verses shared. Precept online Bible studies have hit record numbers.

What a time in history! Amid these hard, challenging days, I can encourage you… God is moving!

An online student’s testimony: ‘I have done two of the Precept online studies so far and have registered for another one this week on my day off, so I have something to look forward to when I am not at work. I  think they are wonderful and I pray more people build the courage to go online and join a group.”  I.L a registered nurse in a local South African hospital who is serving in the frontlines during these trying times.

This pandemic has led to the opening of new doors for ministry, new opportunities to fulfil our mission and vision. God has positioned us for such a time as this. Such a time where people, now more than ever, are desperately needing to know God deeply. A time where people are crying out for hope as their lives are filled with uncertainty. We need your help to do this!

I invite and challenge you to join us in this kingdom assignment. Your financial partnering will help fuel the ministry and enable us to share the hope of God’s Word in these uncertain days.

Thank you for your generosity!


Serving Together,

Stuart Kemsley
Global Area Director – Africa


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