Pastors are begging for resources – Uganda

Many people in our beloved continent of Africa rely solely on their pastor for their spiritual growth. The result of this has been devastating during the lockdown!

One country that has especially grabbed our hearts is Uganda, rural Uganda. There is limited, costly (if any) WIFI, which many people can’t afford. This means no church services being live-streamed on a Sunday morning, no podcasts, or worship services to follow. No Zoom or WhatsApp Bible studies.

The local pastors are desperate. They are concerned for the spiritual well being of their flocks during the lockdown. They are grieved and burdened with the realisation that their people are reliant on them for their spiritual growth.

Those that were previously trained to use our resources and that had established Bible study groups are begging for resources so that families can continue studying the Word in their homes. We praise God for these faithful pastors.

Other pastors are now experiencing first hand the value of the studies and have voiced their regret in never prioritising Bible study in their churches. They are broken as they see the results of never encouraging their people to study the Word of God for themselves. Many of their flock have fallen by the wayside. In desperation, they have asked pastor Luke for help, and he and Pastor Jimmy in the video below are now training small groups of leaders  (limited numbers due to lockdown) to use the resources. How heartbreaking that it had to take a pandemic of this magnitude to bring this about!


These pastors are desperate for their people! They need our help to provide their people with much needed Bible-focused resources. This is only possible through the partnership of givers like you. 

The cost to print one study locally in Uganda is just R35.00. Every R35.00 given will give one family a study that will help them know God deeply and live differently despite the lockdown.


We are excited to see what God will do in Uganda through your generosity. What a privilege to build His kingdom together!