Uganda Bible Studies

Lockdown circumstances in rural Uganda are desperate! Food is scarce. The Ugandan government has a plan and is helping the people as much as possible with staple foods. Schools have shut, the government has a plan for this. Crime has escalated. There is a plan in place to help with this too. Churches are shut. People are spiritually starving like never before. No plan in place for this crisis. This is leading to a devastation far greater than the lack of physical food.

The pastors in the rural areas are desperate! They are experiencing first hand the devastation as a result of their people being unable to spiritually feed themselves. You see, in rural Uganda, home Bible study groups are not the norm and people are not encouraged to study the Word for themselves. Bible study only happens when the whole church gathers together and the pastor teaches. What happens when the church is shut, like now? No church, no Bible study!

Precept Uganda is locking arms with the pastors and together they are doing all they can to encourage the vulnerable Ugandan people to grow in their relationship with God through His Word.

Pastor Luke is visiting villages, training pastors and leaders and making Bible study resources available as needed. Up to 10 people are now allowed to meet in a home, so families and groups are being encouraged to meet on a Sunday morning and to do a Precept Bible study together. Sunday Precept classes are growing! Praise God!

Precept Uganda needs partners like you (people who believe in the power of God’s Word to change lives) to help us provide as many Bible study resources as possible to pastors like pastor Osire in the video above.

Each family/group that are meeting are working with one book. One book costs just R35,00.

R35,00 will enable one family/group to study God’s Word during these days whilst the churches are shut.

Can you imagine the scale of the resulting impact?