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Terrorist attacks, child kidnappings, poverty, slavery. These are just a few of the terrible threats and challenges young people are growing up with in Nigeria and in many African countries today. The young people are in desperate need of hope, eternal hope. This fuels our passion to continuously look at different ways to reach them with God’s Word.

We love Precept Nigeria’s latest initiative.

The majority of youth in Nigeria are not able to afford fashionable outfits, but like most young people, they love all things fashion-related.  So, this led to the start of the 5-day Precept Nigeria Fashion Club for the ages 11 to 17.  This has become very popular and quickly fills to capacity.  The young people sign up to learn about pattern making and sewing skills with the understanding that there is a mandatory exciting Bible study program every day.

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At this latest Precept Nigeria Fashion Club, they worked through the 40-Minute Study: Being A Disciple Counting the Real Cost, such a relevant study for them. Being a disciple in Nigeria comes with a great cost.  The terror that ISIS kidnappers have brought to the country is felt by every young person daily.

Each day at the club, they are given an opportunity to study in small groups where no ridicule or bullying is allowed or tolerated.  This creates a safe platform for everyone in the group to feel comfortable in leading.  Even the younger ones leave confident and excited to start their own groups.

Not only do they leave having learned valuable sewing skills, but more importantly they leave with a deeper understanding of who God is.  At the end of this latest fashion club, 20 young people dedicated their lives to Christ, and many more committed to being true disciples, no matter the cost. 

Every time one young person attends an event like this one, they are challenged to go out and start a Bible study with a group of at least 5 friends. Think about the impact this is having on the lives of young people across Nigeria.

This impact is only possible through faithful partners like you.

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We would love for you to join us in these exciting, youth Kingdom initiatives in Africa.

Won’t you partner with us in sponsoring the youth with the study books needed at these events?

A gift of R35 will:
Provide one young person with their own study book at a Precept youth event

It makes such a difference when the young people are able to work in their own study book!