Locking arms to aid the youth crisis in Kenya

Locking arms to aid the youth crisis in Kenya

As a result of the pandemic, many of the youth in Kenya are in crisis.

One in every five girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are reported to be pregnant or have a child already. An alarming number of school dropoutswere reported when schools re-opened after lockdown. The extreme poverty and unemployment that already existed prior to the pandemic is now devastatingly high, leading to an increase in child prostitution, theft, etc.

The greatest crisis is that many of these youth have no interest in things of the Lord and no relationship with God. Because of this, they are unable to cope with what is happening around them.

It is impossible to reach the vulnerable Kenyan youth on our own. To do this, we are locking arms with volunteers who faithfully serve in different places of safety that work specifically with these young people. We are working with homes for teen mums, safe havens for street kids, rehabilitation centres for juvenile criminals, and addict support homes.

Precept studies are being used to study God’s Word in these places of safety. Weekly, young men and women are experiencing life-transforming change as a result.

When they are ready, they integrate back into society with a newfound relationship with God and a love for His Word. Many return as volunteer Bible study leaders eager to see others eternally impacted as they were.

These places of safety are filled with young people desperate to know the love of their Heavenly Father. Won’t you partner with us today and give each young person the opportunity to know God through the study of His Word?

R35 will cover the cost of a 6-week study resource printed locally in Kenya.

Join us in providing these Kenyan young people with their own study resources and the chance to experience the life-changing power of God's Word.