Give a prisoner a Bible Study

Prisons in Africa are filled with people facing years of confinement in cramped, dirty quarters with little food, inadequate hygiene, and minimal or no other amenities. Prisons filled with desperate men and women, hopeless and broken. Praise God that the Word of God restores and transforms broken people and brings hope into the most hopeless situations, even in prisons.

We rejoice that doors allowing Precept Africa into prisons are opening in different countries across Africa. The latest being in Uganda, where the long-awaited authority needed to enter the local prisons was finally granted.

In just one Kenyan prison alone, 250 men, 25 women and 40 wardens are working through a weekly 40-Minute study: Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past. They are studying the Bible in a format that the prisoners can easily understand which is reaching both literate and illiterate prisoners.


We continue to go into the Nanyuki prison encouraging the inmates how they can turn their bad circumstances into opportunities for God to work. We are beginning to see expressions of hope on their faces where despair once was. They are coming up to us and thanking us for being there. We remember the words of Jesus… Care for the widow, orphan, hungry and homeless. Remember to visit the prisoner because then you visited Me (Matt. 25:35-36).”

– BS – Kenya

We believe that no one is beyond hope, every life can be transformed. Each man/ woman in prison needs to be treated with respect and dignity and be allowed the opportunity to study God’s Word.

Have you ever longed to make an eternal difference in someone’s life? We want to provide an opportunity for you to do that. We invite you to partner with us by sponsoring a prisoner with a study resource of his/her own. Only through the power of God will the cycle of crime be broken and restoration happen.

Help share the Gospel with a prisoner today and enable a prisoner’s life to be forever changed.

Your giving to the prison work being done by Precept Africa will help provide Bible study resources so that prisoners will know God and grow in their relationship with Him.