“Precept was my link to Salvation”

I have been a student at the Precept Africa Institute in Arua and have completed all 9 sessions. Precept was my link to salvation.

When Precept came to Imvepi camp for the first time to do a 40-Minute Bible study, it opened my eyes and heart to God, and I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and saviour.

Precept invited me for the 9 sessions of which I have finished well. The 9 sessions blessed and impacted me with a lot of insight from God through His Word.

The knowledge I have received from the Institute has also helped others through me in the groups I have in my church and other churches and even my own family as well. From these groups, people have become born again.

With all the knowledge I have through these 9 sessions, I want to continue to encourage others and teach others, I promise to commit myself to do so as God has given me the authority. I really thank God for His work of the Holy Spirit and for Precept Africa."

- Moses (Latest Institute Graduate)

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