Purity’s Testimony

Thank you!

As a result of your partnership, Purity was able to do a 40-Minute Bible Study that eternally transformed her life:

Image  Before the study: How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret, I was a person of much regrets. Accepting myself was a difficult thing. The worst thing was to accept the fact that I have a baby and am now a teenage mom, also my past life was full of hardship. I used to think that everything is over: my education, my life, I was almost done with this life.

I used to say that I am a failure. God has forsaken me and there is no need of me going to church. But this book has helped me a lot. I now accept the past. Before, I wanted to give up the baby, now I am the most proud mom and I love my son. The book tells us of David’s past life and the choices he made, but God chose him as a man after his heart, why not me?

I have learnt how to make choices that I won’t regret. I take my son to school, I now have a place where I earn money, and I also accept my parents after what they did. Looking to David’s story in the book, all powerful people in the book were successful because they went down on their knees, and that is what I do. Image

When you give financially to Precept, you are helping teen mothers and vulnerable women know the Word of God for themselves. Precept reaches women like Purity across Africa and provides them with studies that guide them to a deeper relationship with Christ.

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