Testimony – Alfred

“I would like you to hear my testimony. This one is my first time to attend Precept in my lifetime, since when I become a Christian in 1974, up to the time when I was ordained as a priest in 2009. I would like to thank Precept for sending us a very, very good teacher Mr. Stuart, who has opened one of my eyes and I hope in the near future he will come back again to open the other eye of mine that is still unopened. There is a saying which says “so much is to be done so little has been done” so I expect more from him, thank you.

What I have learned was new to my life because before these lessons were brought to us I only read the Bible as if I am reading a story, but when I came to learn the Inductive Bible Study, it opened one of my eyes. Inductive Bible study leads me to know the three component parts known as the Observation, Interpretation and Application and others. Now I am not remaining the same but at least I have started to change, I wish the ministry should keep the fire burning.”