Testimony – Emmanuel

“I joined Precept when I came back from Theological College (Bishop Allison Theological College) affiliated to Uganda Christian University (August 2017)
The first books I studied were
1) “Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost”
2) Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past”
The first book had a real impact on my life and it really changed me and my family. The second book targets the current conflict in our country South Sudan where several thousands of people are being killed.

On my side I was not happy with the way the war in the country is killing her own people. In my own village (Mambe Payam) 300 men and women were brutally killed by military organized by the security. One man, a witch, lit fire to an overturned truck on the road (the tanker was filled with petrol and civilians were fetching petrol to earn money). All the civilians perished. A committee was sent from central government to investigate the matter and the witch man was found to be the culprit of the offence.
To make it worse, he was taken to central government as detainee, but the outcome was the opposite. He was integrated into the army as security personnel and promoted to the rank of Captain. He was given guards, fire arms and transport for survey missions.

The book “Forgiveness” warned us to forgive those who have done wrong against you (including our enemies) so that your Father in Heaven may also forgive you. In reality – I feared God and I forgave them. The book “How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk” is also another strong apparatus for strengthening ones faith. Before you preach to others; please preach to yourself as our Lord Jesus commanded us to do so (Application).

Another impact is the Inductive Bible Study; which hardly occurred in any theological college, only except formulaic preaching methods which is an incomplete process. Inductive Bible Study opened the route to a systematic method of studying God’s word. This in fact includes the entire Bible: book, chapter and verses. To conclude the Inductive Bible Study also introduces English lessons as a method of understanding the Bible. Thanks be to Precept Africa, thanks be to Jesus who gave us the Great Commission, thanks to God our Creator. Lastly thanks to Stuart who tirelessly preaches and teaches the whole class all alone. God bless you.”