Precept Pastors Institute


The impact of our first Pastors Institute was HUGE!

There are over 1 Million desperate people in South Sudanese Refugee Camps. Reverend Jacob is one of them. Watch the video below to see what a difference Precept has made in his life:

Since the last Institute…
Countless Bible Studies have started.
Countless men, women and children are now studying God’s Word.

his month we are excited for the first semester of 2019’s Institute.
We have even more passionate, committed key church leaders attending.

This 2-week training Institute, held 3 times a year, will equip
selfless Refugee Camp Pastors with skills to disciple the growing number of believers in the camps.

There are SO many more Refugee Church leaders who are crying out for this training! 

Won’t you consider using this opportunity to partner with us to empower even more passionate Pastors and extend our reach into the Refugee Camps?

Together, we can make a difference!