Pastors in Nigeria

Ministry for pastor Raphael Oyedele in Nigeria was lonely.

He felt disconnected from other pastors. For years he carried a passion and vision to see the Nigerian youth in a school that would be grounded in God’s Word. He had a longing to see leaders being raised in his church, leaders excited to disciple others.  

Precept changed pastor Oyedele’s life. He began to personally “know the depths of Scripture” and it was exciting. Through Precept, he began to network and connect with other ministry leaders. These like-minded leaders encouraged and strengthened him in his calling as a pastor. Precept equipped him with the training and tools to better teach and grow his congregation. This resulted in the numbers of members, leaders and volunteers multiplying dramatically as they started Bible study classes.     

The passion and zeal he had for the youth together with the training he received from Precept empowered him to start a school. This school, which began with just 30 young people in his church, now has over 100 students. A primary component of the school is the study of God’s Word using Precept. These young people are being developed into the leaders of tomorrow, leaders established in God’s Word. 

God is doing incredible things through the pastors in Nigeria. However, there are many who feel like pastor Oyedele used to feel, isolated and alone. This is an opportunity to help more pastors like him! We believe if you impact 1 pastor, you impact a whole church, you impact a community!  

You can make a difference in a pastors life that will have an eternal impact that we can’t begin to imagine!

We are so thankful for you partnership,
Precept Africa

PS: If studying God’s Word has impacted your life, this is your chance to help pastors and their congregations in Nigeria experience the same transformation!