Kenya Street Rescue

Hilary Clarence, in the video above, is one of the many young boys who were previously living on the streets but are now being cared for at Global Help Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Kenya. Here, boys are supported and empowered so they can have hope for a better future.

Thanks to the giving of faithful donors like you, we were able to train Bible study leaders and provide sufficient Precept 40-Minute Studies: How To Make Choices You Won’t Regret for the boys to use at this rescue centre.

The result has been astounding. The study became so popular that there are now 89 young boys meeting to study God’s Word 3 times a week in this one centre alone. Like Hilary in the video, some have been identified as leaders and are now leading and encouraging others to study God’s Word. Boys who were once violent, angry, addicted, alone, are thriving as they come to know Jesus Christ. They are being radically transformed as they eagerly learn about making biblical, Christ-led decisions in every aspect of their lives.

Stats indicate that there are between 250 0000 to 300 000 children living on the streets in Kenya, with more than 60 000 in Nairobi alone. Our heart is to reach these young people with the Word of God!

One way of doing this is to work alongside the rescue centres that are actively helping these young people. We would love for you to be a part of this!

Bible study leaders will be identified and trained to lead Precept studies in these centres and with your help, much needed study resources will be provided. Just R35 will sponsor one child with his/her own Bible study book. Your giving will provide an opportunity that could have an eternal difference in a young boy or girl.

Won’t you prayerfully consider locking arms with us in reaching the street children in Kenya with the Word of God?

Click below to eternally impact as many street children as possible with the Word of God.