Women in Africa

Women in Africa

Life for women in the villages across Africa is hard. From a very young age, they are forced to carry the burden of heavy household chores from sunrise to sunset. It is heartbreaking to see elderly women walking barefoot, bent double with heavy loads on their backs.  A chore they have been doing since the day they took their first steps. The opportunity for an education or employment is almost non-existent for girls in the villages. Many are victims of harmful traditional practices and forced into abusive marriages from as young as 12. These women face a hopeless future.  

These vulnerable, marginalised women are desperate for the life-changing hope found in God’s Word!

Precept Africa is working alongside churches and local partners who have programs that provide spiritual upliftment for these women. Key leaders are being given Precept training and studies are being made available so that these precious women can have access to study the Word of God for themselves. This is leading to once hopeless women, now experiencing life-saving faith and hope in the midst of their circumstances.

These women are now passionately leading other women in their communities to study God’s Word! We rejoice with some stories of how their life change has led their husbands to the Lord!

However, there are still many helpless women in dire need of God and His Word in rural Africa!

A gift of R30 will provide one woman with:
– Bible study training
– A Bible study resource


Will you partner with us and help us reach as many African women as possible with the good news of the Gospel?