Celebrating Precept Africa Women

As the world prepares to celebrate International Women’s Day next month, we at Precept Africa choose to celebrate the many women across Africa who sacrificially disciple others in the Word.

One such woman is Veronica from Cape Town….

31 Years ago Veronica attended her first Precept training workshop - which changed her life and the way she studied the Word.

A year later her journey as a Precept leader began and she has been passionately leading every year since. Her love for the Word and burden to disciple others led her to start a Precept study in Drakenstein Maximum Security Prison, where she led a group of men every week for 5 years.

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“Precept has totally changed my view of God and my relationship with Him as I learned who He really is, what He does and who I am in Christ. I think that the realisation of who God is came to me when we did the study: Lord I Want to Know You. I had been a believer for 15 years when we did that study. I had heard of Jehovah, Adonai, El Shaddai, and El Elyon in a song we sang at that time, but was shocked to find I had no idea what they actually meant, and their relevance in my daily life. This was the God I claimed to know!!”

Life has not been without trials for Veronica. In 1997 her hearing began deteriorating leaving her now classified as profoundly deaf. In 2003 she faced a battle with breast cancer. Throughout all these and many other trials, Veronica remained in the Word, holding onto the promises and truths she discovered through her many studies. Despite seasons of serious ill-health, she has remained passionate about leading her Precept classes, arranging treatments etc. so as not to miss any week. Her example of sacrificially doing all she can to weekly engage others in His Word, speaks volumes and impacts so many around her.

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“Over the years it has been a great encouragement to have ladies that I have led share how they have been able to face difficult situations (divorce, death of children, cancer, etc) because of knowing how to apply God’s Word to their lives. It is especially thrilling to meet up with past Precept students and to hear how they are now mentoring others using the Precept Method.”

Her hearing disability has not stopped her.

Veronica now has hearing aids linked to her phone and special technology that picks up individual voices in her class.

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“Each week I ask: “Lord, you be my ears today”, and He is! Discipling others in God’s Word is my passion. It is something I just cannot not do! The joy of seeing lights go on and relationships deepen with God brings me great joy.”

We are so thankful for Veronica and so many like her who give of themselves to disciple others in Africa. We celebrate each one of them!

Can you imagine if all women across Africa had the same opportunity to attend training, receive resources and be part of a community that knows God deeply and experiences His presence.

Won’t you prayerfully partner with us to ensure women in Africa can truly know God and live by his ways?

Just R50 will help sponsor one woman with a 40-Minute study training and resource.