For the teen mums, the orphans, the widowers, the women.

Today, International Women’s Day, Precept Africa honours and celebrates women across Africa who passionately help others grow in their relationship with God through the study of His Word.

We recently honoured Veronica from Cape Town, and today we celebrate another amazing woman.

Ruth was born and raised in Kenya and attended her first Precept Bible study in 2013, at a very low point in her life. This first study ignited in her a passion for God’s Word and completely changed her life.

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I joined a Precept Bible Study group when I was wounded and grieving and had just lost my job. I worked through studies such as: Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past, Lord Heal my Hurts and Esther, and discovered that the Word of God was the best counselor for me.
As I continued with the studies, I allowed the Word to be my judge and God revealed the deep issues that I was struggling with. Step by step the healing began, and I am now set free from the anger, bitterness and unforgiveness that I once had.

Not only did this first Precept study ignite a passion in her to study God’s Word for herself, but it fanned into flame a desire and burden to reach the hurting and struggling in Kenya with God’s Word.

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The greatest transformation came about when I learned how to study the Word of God using the Precept Method. Therefore, I seek to reach out to as many people, children, young and old, as possible. To help them learn how to study the Word for themselves, help them find answers to their life issues, so that ultimately their lives will be transformed.

Ruth's deep burden for the marginalised in Kenya to know God and His Word has led her to start Bible studies in places of safety for street children, havens for teen mums, orphans, children in informal settlements, and wherever she finds people that are in need of God’s hope and love.

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Precept study books have become a valuable tool in my discipleship and counseling. I have discovered that the greatest change for struggling people will only come when they learn to apply the lessons from the Word of God to their lives. The Word gives them hope to press on.

Ruth is zealously and fearlessly using God’s Word to reach the vulnerable in her nation. The lives of teen pregnant mums, drug addicts, abandoned street children, etc. are being eternally transformed as a result of her faithfulness. Through the studies, these young people are coming to a saving knowledge of God and with Ruth’s encouragement, are going on to disciple others as they were discipled.

We rejoice that God used that first Precept study that Ruth attended in 2013 to transform Ruth’s life and as a result countless others.

Can you imagine if every woman on the continent had the same opportunity Ruth had!

We need your help to reach as many women across Africa with the transforming Word of God through a Precept study, ministry initiative, or workshop.

Just R50 will help sponsor one woman with a 40-Minute study training and resource.

Won’t you prayerfully partner with us to ensure women in Africa can truly know God and live by his ways?

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I give all the glory and praise to God for such an awesome opportunity to help many learn how to study the Word of God through Precept Studies. I am always grateful for all those who have given of their resources to make this possible in the past and in days and years to come, may the Lord bless you abundantly.  
Ruth – Kenya